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Hi, I'm Lucas!

A picture is worth a thousand words... let's tell a story together.

There's few things in life more fulfilling than telling a story through an image. Growing up I had lots of photos and videos of my family, my dad was a photographer and tech lover (the apple didn't fall far from the tree). Growing up viewing all the home movies and pictures of my family, I realized that the photos spoke to me so much more than the videos. I realized that the videos didn't let me really remember the moments, they were just shaping my memories, the only thing I remember about those moments now are the videos of them. Yet the photos still spark true memories of those moments. I can smell the Christmas turkey on the family dinner table, hear the wind blowing in the backyard while a storm rolls in, taste the sweat dripping down my face on the lacrosse field, and feel the warmth of my grandma's hug.   

It's now my goal to capture those special moments for other people. I love seeing those moments of true human intimacy captured in a single frame.

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